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The Templeton-Miller. Romantic Crime Thriller Series

From 16 years plus.

The Templeton-Miller Dynasty – Aeternum

In the depths of teenage boredom, Lady Eleanor Templeton-Jones and her brothers find solace in ‘The Banquet of Tranquillity’, a night that changes their lives forever. Eleanor, at seventeen, meets Theo-James Miller, a charismatic film director who becomes the love of her life. Together, they embark on a journey to America, seeking fame and fortune.

As Eleanor rises to become a celebrated actress, she becomes entangled in Theo-James’s family’s dark secrets. Struggling to conceive, Eleanor’s world transforms when she acquires Templeton House in Zurich, Switzerland. The birth of her son, Henry, leads her away from the limelight and into the realm of motherhood.
Amidst power struggles and revenge, Theo-James’s hidden double life threatens to unravel their dynasty. The Templeton-Millers rise to prominence, but at what cost? With the allure of glamour, ambition, and treachery, Aeternum unveils a mesmerizing tale of love and betrayal within the captivating world of the Templeton-Millers.



A star is born.
The legacy of Allison Templeton-Miller.
A Film Star, Singer and Song Writer.
The battle to overcome success in a world of money and power.
Can she make it out on top?
Or succumb to corruption?



A new decade, a new inception. The Enchanting Wedding of Allison Templeton-Miller and Romano Mancini. A thousand spectators and notable figures all attending outside. A wonderful day had everyone in awe.

However, married life did not come easy for the couple. Uncompromising work schedules fueled with jealousy and obsession.

Would the marriage of fairy tales survive?



Millennium’s Retribution

Millennium had arrived with vengeance. Allison Templeton-Mancini now forty-four endures sell out arena tours and unbelievable album sales. The number one female act in the world feels retirement is looming. Successfully nurturing her children including her husband Romano, she finds that everyone is fading around her. The death of her parents sends her world into turmoil, changing her life forever. Is this the end of Allison Templeton-Mancini?


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