Children’s Book

Hey! It’s Me! It’s Lilly Everlea

When Mrs Lemming’s ruby ring is stolen Lilly Everlea and her gardener Terrance investigate the case. After finding a note pushed underneath his office door, Professor Everlea reveals the names of the culprits to Sergeant Smiffy. Everyone is surprised apart from Lilly and Terrance who solves the case.


Hey! It’s Me Again! It’s Lilly Everlea

Join Lilly Everlea, a spirited young detective, and her trusty companion, Terrance the gardener, in two thrilling mysteries that will test their wit and courage.

Lilly and The Haunted Rectory
When mysterious bangs echo through the churchyard at night, Lilly’s village of Ducksdale is on edge. With Reverend Dentin away and the rectory vacant, two eerie shadows appear in the windows after sunset. A peculiar stranger arrives, exchanging new silver coins for blueberry ice cream at Knotty’s Ice Cream Parlor. Eavesdropping on her father’s conversation with Sergeant Smiffy, Lilly and Terrance take it upon themselves to investigate. Will Lilly Everlea solve the riddle of the haunting before her father and the authorities? Can the enigmatic coins hold the key to the strange occurrences in the village?


Hey! It’s Me, Lilly Everlea. I’m Here Again!

Lilly Everlea, the intrepid young detective, returns for more captivating adventures in three delightful new mysteries.

Lilly and The Nutcracker Soldiers
When Lilly and her loyal butler attend choir practice for the Christmas carol concert, Mrs Lemming has mysterious news – her six-foot Nutcracker dolls come to life at night and appear in different places throughout the house. When Lilly and Mr Meadows become snowed in at Mrs. Lemming’s home, Lilly must uncover the truth about the dolls’ nocturnal activities. As she investigates, she spies a vital clue that could unravel the puzzle.


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